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Tools to help you grow strong, loving relationships.

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Free Sexting Examples - Dirty Talking Quotes!

So, you want some examples of how to dirty talk?

Examples are easy to find, a quick search on the internet will get you many of them, but here are a few.  Enjoy!  In less than an hour you could be using these sexy phrases and secrets to add more passion to your love life!

  • Stick it in me, please!
  • You have the nicest/fattest d**k I’ve ever seen!
  • I want you to rub my cl*t with your c**k!
  • I want to feel every inch of you!
  • Tonight YOU are going to be my sex toy!
  • Make me feel warm on the inside!
  • I want to get naked with you right now!
  • This is going to be the dirtiest night of your life!
  • I love your hot c*ck!
  • I want you inside me right now!
  • I’m going to rock your world tonight!
  • Stand right there… I’m going to slowly undress you…
  • You’re so hot and sexy!
  • You look so hot… I want you right now!
  • Is that a present for me wrapped up in your boxers?
  • I’m gonna take control tonight baby… and you have to do *everything* I say!
  • I’m going to s*ck you till you c*m so hard!
  • Mmm… I love the taste of you!
  • Naughty boys like you need to be punished!
  • You’re so big!
  • You have a very skilled tongue!
  • What are you going to do to me?
  • I want to give you so much pleasure!
  • I want to your hard d*ck in my mouth now! 
  • You make me so wet!
  • I want you to c*m all over my (face / chest / stomach)!
  • I’m your bad little girl!
  • It’s going in so deep, almost too deep!
  • Does that feel good baby?
  • You give me the best sex I’ve ever had!
  • This is the biggest I have ever seen!
  • I want to taste your juices baby!
  • That was so hot, let’s do it again now!
  • I want to ride your hard c*ck right now baby!
  • No one has ever turned me on like you do!
  • I can’t wait to do you!
  • You have the most beautiful fat c*ck I have ever seen!

And many many more here… 



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Upon recommendation from a friend I got "The Magic Of Making Up" and while some of the ideas weren't us (maybe 20%) there were a lot that I have been able to use.

After reading it I have to admit that I guess I am not nearly as romantic as I thought.  My hat's off to this information."

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